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"Responsibility means to blame yourself for the lack of sustainability." (Ronny Boch, geologist, free author)

Reacting flexibly to changing times and needs

The success of IMS is based largely on healthy and motivated employees, whose well-being enjoys a high priority in our corporate culture.

To meet the changing demands of employees in terms of career, family, leisure and working hours, and to be able to count on our employees, specialists and managers in the future, we do our utmost to achieve a good work-life balance.

Employees at IMS therefore benefit from trust-based working hours, the opportunity to work from home, an in-house fitness centre with an adjoining sauna, treatment and preventive care offers, joint hiking days, running events and much more. In this way we accomplish team building “on the side” and strengthen not only our team spirit but also our identification with the company.

In cooperation with the health insurers Techniker Krankenkasse, an official company health management system will be implemented in 2020 in addition to the existing measures and actions, from which all those involved will benefit. Because healthier working conditions not only lead to satisfied employees, who contribute their knowledge, competence and commitment to the business processes on a daily basis, but also to reduced workloads, less absenteeism through illness and higher staff performance.

"An investment in knowledge still bears the best interest"

IMS’s corporate philosophy rests on a passion for precision and a strong belief in quality.

We aim to meet these demands on ourselves and our measuring systems as successfully in the future as we have done in the past 40 years of business.

We can only achieve this with highly qualified employees across all business levels and in all fields. Our innovative, high-precision, robust and durable measuring systems are often a good step ahead of our competitors’ products, as is our employees’ knowledge and understanding necessary for their development.

Our in-house academy, which has been set up as a competence and training centre, makes a major contribution to this, something of which we are very proud. Highly qualified instructors from a wide range of expertise pass on their knowledge to employees and our customers.

Know-how from which not least our apprentices and sandwich students also benefit, and one of the reasons for the excellent training opportunities we can offer our junior staff.