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"Responsibility means to blame yourself for the lack of sustainability." (Ronny Boch, geologist, free author)

Sustainable business not out of obligation, but out of conviction!

Dear Visitor,

For us at IMS, IMSocial means more than just a project. IMSocial is a belief and stands for the values of our corporate philosophy. We not only want to achieve sustainability in our products and customer relations, but also place the same demands on our social, ecological and economic responsibility.

We would like to give you, our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and interested neighbours a transparent insight into concrete measures with which we as the IMS team fulfil our social obligation of sustainable business and live our common values every day. Because IMSocial is consistent teamwork!

Our strong adherence to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) makes IMSocial an interdisciplinary task that runs through all areas of the IMS Group. IMSocial can only live and develop as successfully as it has done over the past 40 years with corresponding commitment by all involved. Our joint actions make it possible to conserve resources in a sustainable manner, have zero impact on the climate, protect human rights and respect and diversify our living and working communities.

These requirements have been legally prescribed since 2017 for certain listed companies and their reporting obligations, among others, but are not yet commonplace or a matter of course in medium-sized companies. We therefore see ourselves as a motivator for other small and medium-sized companies in our economic region to join us and place a stronger regional focus on sustainable business and the opportunities and potential associated with it.

We will keep you informed about our active contributions to an optimised ecological balance, conservation of resources, social commitments and regional environmental projects here. Join us on our IMSocial path to a more sustainable future!

Markus Fackert, Richard Rak & Hendrik Schultes

Managing Directors


Conservation of resources through precision out of passion and quality out of conviction

IMS Messsysteme

The first thought in connection with the non-contact measuring systems from IMS for the steel, non-ferrous metal and aluminium industries certainly has nothing to do with active conservation of resources, as the steel industry is currently under massive public criticism as a climate polluter. However, our isotope, x-ray and optical measuring systems do exactly that: save and preserve resources!

The IMS product portfolio comprises numerous measuring systems and processes for various types of measurement, which deliver and document precise measurement results under the toughest conditions in hot and cold rolling mills as well as service centres. In this way, material defects, surface irregularities, tolerance and dimensional deviations and many other factors that could lead to subsequent material rejects can be detected at an early stage during the manufacturing processes in the plants. Because the sooner even minor defects – which in steel products already render them useless – are detected, the faster machining processes can be corrected.

And exactly this contributes significantly to active climate protection, because it is no longer necessary to produce new products to substitute defective ones, and non-renewable energies as well as water usage is reduced, as is the scrap rate.

1,500 photovoltaic modules cover 1/3 of the IMS electricity demand

Total energy (kWh) since 2012
Total CO2 Saving (kg) since 2012
Current total energy (kWh)
Current total power (kW)

​Optimal use of natural resources


The flat roofs of the 9 buildings on our company premises offer the perfect space for more than 1,500 photovoltaic modules. Installation areas that were already used in 2012 for the installation of the first modules. Of course, the roof surface of our newest building, which was ceremonially inaugurated in the summer of 2019, has also been fully equipped with photovoltaic modules right from the start. 

By generating our own green electricity, we are already in a position to produce around 30% of the total electricity required at our Heiligenhaus location with the help of our solar collectors.

Balanced carbon footprint – We are CO2 neutral!

IMS Messsysteme GmbH confirmed as a climate neutral company!

Climate change is certainly one of the greatest challenges of our time, and the main polluters of the largest industrial nations, in particular, are rightly called upon to make their active contribution to achieving.

IMS as the world market leader for non-contact measuring systems for the steel, metal and aluminium industry is aware of its ecological responsibility resulting from the global nature of its business activities and has had the CO2 footprint resulting from its activities in the form of greenhouse gas emissions recorded by the independent certification company Fokus-Zukunft.

By acquiring the corresponding number of climate protection certificates for the years 2019 and 2020, we have not only been confirmed as a climate-neutral company, but were also able to actively support both a reforestation project in Uruguay (certified under the sovereignty of the Verified Carbon Standard) and a hydropower project in India (certified under the sovereignty of the United Nations through “Certified Emission Reduction” (CER)).

Open to the world from the bottom up! Employees from 13 nations stand for our international success

As the world market leader for non-contact measuring systems, our IMS partners and employees work every day all over the world to satisfy our customers and provide the well-known IMS customer service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To remain the well-known high-performance, innovative partner for the steel industry in the future, we have 450 permanent employees on 5 continents in our IMS team, including agencies and numerous representatives distributed around the globe.

At our headquarters in Heiligenhaus, Germany, we also benefit from our international, high-power team, coming from 13 different nations in the case of IMS Messsysteme and 3 in the case of IMS Röntgensysteme.

Our globality begins with respectful relations from the bottom up, ideas come from looking beyond national and ethnic borders, and innovations turn into reality through our strong, multinational community!