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No way to one way: from now on we’re ceramic junkies

A working day without coffee is probably as unimaginable for most people as Germany without football. We at IMS also enjoy a good cup.


With a population of 83 million people in Germany, 2.8 billion disposable cups are consumed every year for a quick treat on the go.

And that’s not all, because 64,000 t of wood, 29,000 t of paper, 11,000 t of plastic, 1.5 billion litres of water and 320 million kWh of energy are needed annually to produce these paper cups, which are only used for about 15 minutes and, when placed one on top of the other, would circle the earth more than 7 times per year. Considering these figures relate to only a fraction of our daily consumption of plastic – namely coffee-to-go cups, they hit home at IMS well and truly.

And so we have decided to become ceramic junkies from now on and drink our coffee in old-school fashion again from cups that faithfully accompany us through the day. This means there are no longer any disposable cups at IMS, but many individual cups and mugs, which somehow also brighten our everyday life.

With 350 employees and an estimated consumption of 33 reusable cups per year and head (which admittedly are not all used during working hours), this amounts to thousands of cups that we save – and spare the environment.