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"Responsibility means to blame yourself for the lack of sustainability." (Ronny Boch, geologist, free author)

Photovoltaics - Optimal use of natural resources

The flat roofs of the 10 buildings on our company premises offer perfect space for more than 1,500 photovoltaic modules. Space that was already used in 2012 for the installation of our first modules. The roof of our newest building, inaugurated in the summer of 2019, was of course also fully equipped with photovoltaic modules right from the start. 

By generating our own green electricity, we are already able to produce around 30% of the total electricity required at our Heiligenhaus site ourselves using our solar collectors. In addition to this, solar panels and heat pumps heat the water needed for heating and showering in two of our company buildings.

These measures spare environmental resources by saving, for example, fossil fuels and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions. A photovoltaic system produces more electricity over its lifetime than was needed to make it. Meaning a further contribution to a positive environmental balance.

E-bike leasing for our employees

Every kilometre that we do not cover by car, emitting CO2 and other pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and soot particles into the air, naturally benefits the environment and the climate.

And if we can also improve the health and well-being of our employees at the same time, we are happy to do so!

IMS has, for example, offered its employees the possibility of leasing an e-bike for some time now. These employees then consciously avoid travelling by car or public transport, actively protect the environment and at the same time improve their health. A clear win-win situation: on an enjoyable ride and with a good feeling through beautiful countryside!

Donations from the campaign "Turning Old into New"

Old hardware, which has performed faithful service in the company, is usually still fully operational from a technical point of view and an attractive alternative to new equipment for private purposes.

At IMS, our employees can purchase equipment, such as laptops or monitors, which has been carefully checked by our IT department, for private use in return for a fixed donation.

All proceeds from this campaign are donated 100% to charitable causes. In this way we kill three birds with one stone: the discarded hardware does not have to be disposed of, natural resources to produce new devices are saved and financial support goes to where it is needed and can do good.